New things.

Hi, fans and friends.  

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibility buzzing around me.  The air in our house feels electrified, and my nervous energy leaves a wake of half-done home tasks.  Piles of laundry folded up in no order.  Half-completed paperwork stuck in books.  Lost cups of cold coffee all over the house.

We have such exciting things happening around here these days.  We'll be opening for Air Supply on Saturday night at Chastain Park here in Atlanta. In October, we are heading to our hometown of Pensacola to record a live 60-minute show called Studio Amped for the Gulf Coast PBS station.  Our new friend Adam Whipple will be joining us, and we're honored and thrilled that he'll join us.  Stephen and I are practicing as much as we can with toddling, noisy Jane bumbling around us, and we are speaking to each other in constant encouragement.  "Are you sure we can do this?" "We can do this, right?" "Sure, we can."  It's a brave thing to be putting songs of our own creation into the world for others to hear.

We are not, either of us, fond of self-promotion (I can barely eek out a Facebook post to let you lovely folks know where we're playing) and I'm amazed at how much opportunity is coming our way without a hard seeking.  It seems we are following a path that lights up just before us; we do the next thing that comes to us each time something comes our way, and as best as we are able. I can see growth as I look behind us, and I believe if we keep following along, we'll keep growing. Sometimes we're pleased with a song, and as it develops, we look back on what first pleased us and find it pale and limp compared to its newer self.  I'm reminded of something Dave Matthews once said in an interview; "We're just trying not to suck." 

We hope to see you at Chastain this weekend, and we'll be sure to post a link to the StudioAmped show when it's ready.  There will be a live audience, and we'll send those links your way as soon as we can.  Plan to join us on October 5th.  The beach is at it's best in early October.

Thanks for listening.


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